shepherd's purse seeds

yetongMay 20, 2009

Does anyone know where I can get some shepherd's purse seeds? I want to try and plant some. Love the leaves in Spring. When small in Beijing China we used to go outside the city walls and hunt for this "weed". At home we stripped the leaves and stir fry quickly with lots of garlic. Yum. the botanical pictures of shepherd's purse do not look at all like the plants we picked; I am not 100% sure that what we picked called "Ji cai" in mandarin is shepherd's purse. I need to plant some to be sure since what we picked and sold now in Chinatowns are long stems that are full of green leaves and what photos of shepherds show are a flowering plant with a single long stem with hardly any leaves. Does anyone know?

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Did you try for the seeds?


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Shepherd's purse is è èÂÂã It is very seasonal, the best you can get is around the middle of May. If pick late, it starts bearing seeds, lost the tenderness and flavor.

European use the seeds, Chinese eat the leaf. We picked a lot in Prague, where the soil is great, the leaf is fat and thick, full of flavor. If you boil briefly, and then chop down to make pork dumplings, man, I can not imagine there is anything taste better than that!

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To grow "Ji Cai", you will need to find seeds from China. Shepherd's purse growing wild here do not have the fat and tender leave for vegetable use. I have the vegetable variety from China in my garden and the wild shepherd's purse in my yard. One is a yummy and trouble-free vegetable and the other does not worth the trouble to collect at all.
"Ji Cai" seeds are tiny and hard to collect. Once planted in a garden, they will show up year after year. In my area, they are at their best in late fall and early winter.

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type you can buy them there online, I bought some from them and will try to plant the seeds this spring. Hoever I don't think they sent me exactly the amount as they were supposed to be since they counted the number of pods and estimate how many seeds are ineach pods. So I had to contact them after I got the seeds telling them I didn't get enough, so they mailed me more late on. if i am right, i think you can also buy them on ebay.

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