How big of trellis for yard long / asparagus beans?

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)May 6, 2005

Hi I've never grown yard long / asparagus beans before and was wondering about what height of a trellis would be good. I have a few nice vegetable type trellises but were wondering if they were tall enough.... How tall do these plants climb? How tall of a trellis do they need? Do they take okay to "trailing" over edge of trellis or do they snap? Thanks..... :)

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I used 8 foot trellises for them last year and they would have climbed beyond that, but they did fine as the curved and came back down the trellis.

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flatwoods_farm(9A Riverview, F)

I've never had problems with 6 footers. Paul.

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Anyone have a good seed source for yard long?


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I've planted yard longs in containers but now am concerned that I have too many in each pot. Can anyone tell me how many to place in a pot about 1 foot in diameter? Thanks.

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bella_trix(z6b SE PA)

I bought my seed from Territorial Seed originally. The first year I grew yard longs, I had an accidental drought late in the season (my housesitter forgot to water them). I saved the seeds from the larger bean pods when they dried out completely and now use them as my seeds. If you grow them, I would suggest letting some of the pods go to seed for the next year's crop. Also, they aparently need bean inoculant type EL (cowpea inoculant), which is different from most inoculants sold in seed catalogs.


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The seeds for this are quite common at grocery stores, dollar stores, Wal Mart, K-Mart, Martha Stewart, Baker Creek, etc. Just keep your eye out or search member exchange pages at the GardenWeb Exchange forum.

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dkistner(8 FL)

I grew asparagus beans this year and was knocked out at how prolific they were. I've cooked 'em as string beans and frozen them all along, but I'm wondering how they would keep (for cooking) as dried beans. If well, I'm going to plant a bunch of them next year.


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garliclady(z7 NC)

This is our first year with yard longs and I love them they are tasty prolific and easy to pick. Will they produce till frost?? Will they take cool temps if i cover them. I am sellin them and wonder if I should continue to weed and water . Or if they will stop producing after we have a few cool days. Right now they look healthy and productive after producing all summer

Also a question about seed saving. To save seed should I let some get big and mature and pick them and then let them dry or let them dry on the vine .
The Garlic lady

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rogertse(NE AR)

Hello all...

You can plant YL beans from a 5 gallon bucket and have 10 plants in it, you can plant them next to a chainlink fence and they will do ok.

You should leave the beans and let them dry on the vines to save the seeds, depense what zone you are in, and the season should be over by now for most part of the country...

I have some bean seeds and other Chinese vegetable seeds, any one wants to to trade seeds can email me.

Have a good day!

Rog in AR

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pepperhead212(6b / S Jersey)

Baker's seeds - - has a good supply of long beans, and there I got the best one I have grown yet - chinese red noodle bean, which grew over 2 feet long, stayed maroon in color, even after cooking, was VERY productive, continued until it got cold, and the beans didn't get hollow quickly, as some green long beans have done with me. I only had to pick it ever 3 or 4 days, in fact, while some beans would get stringy and beany in that time. Great bean, and I will definitely be growing more next year.

I grow it on a 6' reinforcement wire fence, and it grows to the top, and several feet along the top.


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I had a very successful showing with my asparagus beans this year...first time grower..but the vines are starting to yellow...still hot and humid here; I am still watering...the crop seems to be dwindling..anyone know what's wrong, it anything?

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Trellis of my yard long beans - 2010 .

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