SHISO seedlings

nicsbeesMay 19, 2006

I live in the Puget Sound /Seattle area and was looking for a Japanese herb called Shiso. It produces a green leaf that my wife loves to eat with sashimi. I had seeds from Japan, however not one germinated. Does anyone know where I could get seedlings 3 1/2" or quart size?

Thank you,


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Shiso's Latin name is Perilla which is the more common term here in America.

There are red and green varieties and some bi-color. There are several threads on Perilla in this forum. Both are edible though green is more common for use with sushi presentations.

Go here and start asking. Also be sure to read the FAQ of this forum for sources.

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starbird(Z6 MA)

I have the red variety, and they self seeded like crazy every year. I planted some as an accent plants and occasionally pick some for salad. The rest goes to compost.

Violet - does the green variety tatse like the red one?

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I don't think so, though others may have more experience and may be able to provide more insight. From what I recall, the green leaf is more mild and more of a delicate leaf, hence more palatable.

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cyumickey(Sunset 18)

wow! I'd love to grow shiso...

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