Asian Vegetable Books: Your faves?

blueberrier1May 3, 2010

Two older Asian crop books I still enjoy are "Let Nature do the Growing" by Gajin Tokuno (1986), and "Beyond Bok Choy" by Rosa Lo San Ross (1996).

Tokuno's book (270 pages) has line drawings at various growth stages (from seed leaves to mature plant), and specs on 78 veggies-mainly Asian. Each veggie treatment has its own planting and harvesting cycle indicated. Overall emphasis is organic/permaculture gardening.

Ross's book is a super-treasure as each crop is illustrated in natural color (some of my labels get lost), and has general info, sometimes history, use, storage, cultivation and a simple recipe for its appreciation.

What are your special "go to" books?

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Blueberrier, I haven't seen your books. I feel like I'm in a backwater here . . . well, I know I am.

There were 2 books on Asian vegetables/gardening that inspired me, years ago. They aren't my "go to" books because I kind of feel that I've "gone past them" these days. Still, reading them prompted me to try new things.

The first was Better Vegetable Gardens the Chinese Way by Peter Chan. I read that about the same time I was reading about Bio-Dynamic/French Intensive gardening. That was about 35 years ago. Peter Chan seemed to simplify all that other stuff and I kind of never looked back.

Well, I suppose I did by staying at least partly with matrix- and inter-planting in raised beds.

The other book, I came across much later: Oriental Vegetables: The Complete Guide for the Gardening Cook, by Joy Larkcom. That book showed me that there was quite a wide world of vegetables and I was really limiting my gardening and diet by not exploring it.


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Oriental Vegetables by Joy Larkcom is my favourite (mislaid it for this yr, and am growing asian veg for first time!). it is very detailed and has line drawings inside, not colour unfortunately. there is a US version of this book available if you want to check it out.

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Have enjoyed several of Chan's and Larkcom's books as well-though do not own them.

One interesting tidbit: Chan and Tokuno write more science fiction than gardening books! Is this a side effect of raising/consuming Asian veggies?

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