Asian pear trees 5 years later

kubotabx2200(Zone 5b NH)June 8, 2007

Yes I know this is the Asian VEGETABLES forum but I thought some of you might be interested in the progress of 4 Asian pear trees I planted in a new orchard 5 years ago. 3 Shinseiki pears and 1 Hosui. Here it was in May 2003, just tiny little sticks:

[one of the Shinseiki pears is mislabelled a Champion peach in the first photo]

Now, here is what they look like in May 2007. They are very tall and slender. The one in front is about 10 feet tall now.

Growing fruit trees is a lot different than vegetable gardening, for one thing it takes years before they produce anything. It takes a lot of patience. And though I had a few Asians pears last year, this year the trees are 5 years old and are starting to grow a lot of pears. The pears grow in clusters of 5 and I have to thin them to 1 or 2 pears per cluster so I will get big Asian pears by the end of the summer.

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Thanks for sharing kubotabx2200. Having worked with the conservation department, I suggest you look into pruning of your fruit trees which will make them stronger and yield more over time. You can check with a certified arborist or see the info here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Pruning and Training Apple and Pear Trees

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Nice Pics, Thanks for sharing

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Hope your Hosui doesn't get fireblight. I had a Hosui, Shinseki, and 20th Century, and the Hosui although stragly looking produced the biggest, best fruit. Unfortunately it caught a bad case of fireblight and was killed by it. I kept cutting off the infected branches and leaves until there was nothing left of the tree. Someone posted on another thread that Hosui is supposed to be a magnet for fireblight.

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jwr6404(8B Wa)

I have a half dozen Asian Pears as well. 3 each Don Bae aka Korean Giant,1 Hosui and 2 Yoinishi which is the ultimate pollinator of Asian Pears. Taste great also. To get the best Pollinization for the Pears and 4 Apples I maintain Mason Bees in my front and back yards.

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Inspiring pictures! I am planning to buy Asian pear trees to plant in the front yard where I have three big flowering Bradford pears.

Are Asian pear trees as ornamental as the ones I already have?

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My first name is sort like "scent of asian pear" so I love (well, my father too who named me) asian pear.

The best variety is called "shinko" most crisp, juicy of all. Shinseki is closest to it.

Let us know your tasting comparison!

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emmers_m(9a/Sunset 7 N Cal)

Any pest problems with the asian pears?

I'd like to grow some fruit trees but the advice has been very discouraging (even from my county ext.) - can't grow frut trees in NJ without spraying intensively. I was hoping asian pears might avoid some of that.

Plus, they're great - the best qualities of both pears and apples!

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Any updates on these trees? New pictures would be great! Also I noticed that you let a lot of grass grow between your trees. They would love it if you put 3-5 inches on wood chips around them out to, or a foot past the drip line! Around here our local dump will fill the back of my pickup with wood chips for just a few dollars, works great for around my trees and under my grape trellis's.

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Avocado101(9A Southern California)

I have newly planted a 20th Century Pear last Fall. It hasn't put out any new growth yet. While trying to figure out when it is suppose to put out new growth, I ran into a video showing how the branches are spread out. Also the grove has wire supports (I can't figure out why). The trees in the video are very mature, and I was thinking of spreading the branches like it on the video, if it ever grows.

Here is a link that might be useful: 20th Century Pear Video

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woww.... thanks for sharing... =)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pakistani Dramas

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I second that. Would love to see how they're doing in 2013.

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You mentioned that Yoinishi is the ultimate pollinator for Asian pears. I have an unknown variety of Asian Pear that I just planted. The tag reads only "Asian Pear" but gives neither the cultivar or nursery name. I also planted an Ayers, which I've read has sterile pollen, and a Kieffer, which is also fairly early blooming. Is there a benefit to sticking with another Asian pear variety? I'm very new to growing fruit trees! Thanks for any help you can offer.
Betty Smith

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