Edible taro leaves ?rukau?

shepparton(Centr Vic Austr)June 20, 2006

This is a question particularly for people with South East Asian or Polynesian knowledge. I believe that there is a vegetable which I think is a type of taro leaf that was called "rukau" that I had cooked with coconut milk.

Could anyone confirm if it was taro? Is it a particular type of taro or can any taro (colocasia esculenta) leaf be eaten??

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Yes. Rukau is made with taro leaves.

"Young taro leaves are mashed and mixed with coconut cream, salt, and chopped onion..."

"Taro, Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott is considered as a single polymorphic species." This is not to be confused with Alocasia which is the Elephant Ear. However Elephant Ear is a common name for most plants that look this similar. Depending on the variety of Colocasia esculenta, different parts are best utilized at different stages of plant growth for eating.

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In the Philippines, a dish made with Taro leaves and stems (called Gabi), coconut milk, peppers, and fish is called Guinataang. It's a type of thick stew/soup. Guinataang is a common dish, and comes with tons of different ingredients and variations. It's also applied to a dessert stew/soup made with jackfruit, plantains and coconut milk :)
Oh, and make sure it is definitely cooked first. It's poisonous until cooked!

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