HAVE: Multiplying Onions

twosunsaz(z9 AZ)May 19, 2009

I have large quantities of I'itoi and Catawissa multiplying onions to trade.

For those unfamiliar with them ,here is a little info :

The I'itoi are a mild flavored, scallion type bunching onion which thrives in the Southwest. One plants divides into 40-100 plants when properly grown! It was introduced to the Native American Tribes of Southern Az and Northern Mexico by the Spaniards in the 1600's.Plant with the monsoon rains thru February. Harvest when pencil diameter + or -. Very prolific here in South Central Az and perennial. My original source was Native Seed Search of Tucson Az, back in the early 90's

The Catawissas are a type of Egyptian Walking Onion with 2 tiers of Topsets on their scapes instead of 1. They are a perennial scallion type Topsetting, bunching onion, Stronger flavored and not quite as prolific. As the growing topsets get heavier the scape(stalk)bends down ,allowing the topsets to contact the soil where they take root,grow ,and thus the plant is said to 'WALK'.Each topset can also be planted where desired to start a new plant. My original stock came from Massachusetts, but they seem to be growing very well here.

If interested in a trade or would like more info, contact me. I can make small (25 pcs) or large (50+) trades for other alliums or please look at my trade list.

~ Scott ~

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I would be interested in some of your onions. I have a lot of different seeds mostly veggies but some flower. If interested please e-mail me @ yupikeskimo2002@yahoo.com

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