I feel stupid

mariehass(6)February 19, 2014

After viewing everyone's images, and especially Donna's, I obviously have planted my amaryllis in too big pots.

Do I start over? Do I re-pot? All of my plants have roots. The ones that are forced have started to come up out of the neck.

What are the consequences of doing what I did? View also the Aphroditie that is on the floor.

I obviously do not know what I am doing.


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Amaryllis/Hippeastrum are very hardy. Honestly, one of the bigger consequences of using larger pots is that you can grow fewer flowers in your growing space. Maybe others have different opinions, but I think your collection looks great! -Tina

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Marie, your plants look just fine so don't fret about it!! It won't hinder the growth of your plants at all and if they produce offsets there will be plenty of room in your pots for several years to come. Now they say ideally that 1" around the bulb is optimum but that's just a rule of thumb and more space certainly won't hurt your bulbs at all! I'd leave them just as they are and if they are already rooting then they are happy.

As Tina says the only real drawback is that your larger pots will just take up more space but that's not so important for now anyway.


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