Kaffir Lime pod

bowmanjJune 1, 2008

I've been trying to save my ex-wifes Kaffir Lime tree. I neglected it for a bit but have been trying to save it with advice from home depot. The main stem has lost it's leaves but has some small buds that aren't growing. I am hoping that once it is outside and it gets warmer there will be more growth. I am about to put it back outside for the summer but there has been some growth I am not sure about. When I give it extra water a pod will pop up from the dirt. The stem is thin green and it has a dark green fuzzy pod on the top. Usually it dies a day later. Today I gave it extra water when I saw it and it grew more but now it is dark grey and flattened on the top. I was wondering if these pods are part of its lifecycle and if so what can I do to keep them alive?

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