Kaffir Lime Propagation

skycladJune 12, 2007

I am a huge lover of Thai food. I grow thaiPeppers and lemongrass in the garden, and would love to have a Kaffir Lime tree. There is a Thai restaurant down the street and I was thinking about asking the owner if I could have a cutting. Would a cutting grow if I dipped it in rooting hormone powder? I know nothing of grafting at this point, so if that is the only avenue of propagation please explain how to do this (as in, graft onto what?). I will learn how to graft if this is the only way this will work.

I thank you for all responses....

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Yes, you can attempt to create a rooted cutting. Keep it in full shade for a month until rooted.

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Can they be grown from seed?

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Yes. Look here for more info:

Here is a link that might be useful: Kaffir Lime Propagation

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My soon-to-be mother in law has a big, beautiful kaffir lime tree growing in her backyard. She's tried to root cuttings of it in the past with no success. I asked her earlier today about it and she said she never tried it with a rooting hormone, but that I am more than welcome to try it out myself. Later on this week I am going to try to root some cuttings with a #3 rooting hormone, and I can let you know how it goes if you like. :)

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The key is complete shade and consistent moisture (but not soaking wet soil) for cuttings.

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pepperhead212(6b / S Jersey)

I tried rooting my lime cuttings with rootone, KLN, and Earthjuice Rootstock, as well as trying them in soil and non-soil subtances, with no luck. I also tried layering it once, but after 4 months there wasn't a hint of roots on the branch. I just got another rooting compound - Rootech - which is supposed to be good for the hardest to root plants, such as hardwoods. If this doesn't work, I don't know what else I can try.

I really don't know why I am doing this, since I have these two plants (just as I was taking them out from their overwintering, before trimming), which are far more than I can use, even with all the Thai food I make! Just to prove I can? lol

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A friend in America sent me seeds, still damp in spagnum moss (spelling? Somehow it looks wrong). They germinated with no problem and now I have two bushes. As we want them for the leaves, it doesn't matter that they won't flower for some years. Then this summer I had to do a bit of pruning and just stuck the tips of three slender new shoots in a planter along with some other stuff, and they have all rooted. No hormone powder.


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That's encouraging, I'm going to try to root it both ways and see if I could get the cuttings to root.

Did you keep your kaffir lime outdoor in the ground year round?

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Hi Macaronicat,

They are in pots. I wrap the pots in a couple of thicknesses of bubble wrap, and put a kind of cage draped with plastic sheeting over them. Not very aesthetic, I have to say :-( The cuttings rooted this year, and I am wondering what to do about them. I don't really have anywhere inside with enough light. I shall probably end up giving them the same treatment, and keeping my fingers crossed! When I stuck the cuttings in the planter, I didn't really pay much attention to them. They were not particularly in the shade, and the weather was hot and humid. Maybe that was why they took -- they felt at home!!!



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Thank you Ashita,

Do you get snow or frost at where you are?
I'll try to keep my plant alive this year.

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I'm in Tokyo, and we don't get snow any more really! We used to!!!!! Just an occasional frost. Having said that, we'll probably get tons of snow this year:-) Hope not, I hate the stuff!


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I found this piece of info that might help. But if anyone tries it with success, I'd also like to know...

"It is probably better to graft cuttings of the Kaffir lime tree onto a robust citrus, orange tree, root stock. This will yield faster growth and improved disease resistance. In the case of my plants, I took cuttings of the rootstock and rooted them last Winter. They are all small trees now. I will then take cuttins of the Kaffir Lime stems and graft to the rootstock so that next year I will have about a dozen robust Kaffir Lime plants"

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I live in california bay area.I want to get some cutting from my kaffir plant, I want to know how mature do the stems need to be.

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

Here's a very nice video of how this guy takes cuttings with great success:

Here is a link that might be useful: Tutorial/Propagate Kaffir Lime Cuttings

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The lime tree I grew (a key lime maybe) could grow from cuttings taken in summer. The success rate was low, but the tree needed shaping/pruning anyway.

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