HAVE: plumeria trees

phxplantaddictJuly 23, 2009

I have 4ft -7ft trees in all colors. I am looking for tropical fruit trees.

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I have some fruit trees but they haven't fruited yet-- the previous owner planted them and my parents are not sure which is which or how old they are. (my parents have 4 acres in sierra vista).

We have hundreds of Mesquite trees, a dozen (maybe more)Texas Rangers, and about 100 trees that are different varieties but my parents don't know what they are.

There are also a lot of cacti. The beauty of the trees and cacti are they are xeroscape gardening. Nothing but the fruit trees on the 4 acres has ever been watered by man.

I know that wasn't what you requested, but please let me know if you're like to trade of even if you'd just like us both to make a cutting of a branch and we'll each grow a tree for each other (or do it ourselves depending of the plant/tree chosen).

thank you,

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