WANTED: Lantana trifolia, aka popcorn lantana

DannyDaemonic(z9 AZ)October 4, 2005

I'm looking for any of the Lantana trifolia plants. I've seen them called "Popcorn Lantana," "Lavender Popcorn," and "Fruity Pebbles" before. I'm pretty sure those are generic names and not the names of patented plants. Some have purple flowers and some pink, but the flower color is not very important to me. I'm mostly interested in them for the purple corn on the cob seeds they set, as seen on GardenWeb.

I prefer to trade rooted clippings and I have other Latanas to trade with -- mostly Lantana camara and it's hybrids. I have a lot of colors, white, yellow, red fading to yellow, purplish-pink to light yellow, and one that goes pink to red to orange to yellow. I'm probably forgetting some colors too, so feel free to ask. If you are looking to trade for a plant that is not a Lantana you could send me a list of plants you are looking for and I'll see what I can do.

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azreno(z9 AZ)

Thanks a lot Dirus. I see you searching the web for someone who has this to share, so I finally check the plant out- very neat little plant, another one I have to have. So, thanks. :-)

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DannyDaemonic(z9 AZ)

It's a very interesting plant indeed, but has been very hard to find. Recently in my search I saw a picture of a white flowered Lantana trifolia. The purple from the seeds/berries went wonderfully with the white flowers.

Biggest problem I'm having with online and postal catalogs is they usually have a minimum purchase requirement of around $40... that's a lot of money when all I need is one clipping.

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DannyDaemonic(z9 AZ)

Just thought I'd mentioned that I'm still looking for Lantana trifolia. They will be dying back soon in some places, so if someone wanted to trim them back a little and send me the cuttings that'd be great too.

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