Big pod full of seeds

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)February 26, 2013

The Temptation x Jewel pod was cracking when I got home so I opened it up and found loads of black seeds of all shapes and sizes. They weren't as plump as I had thought they would be (guess I'm spoiled by super seed mother Exotica), but the embryos look fine. A couple even appear to have rooted in the pod. There's no brown spots, it's how the kitchen light is reflecting off the husks.

Floated 10 and sowed 2 pots of 9-10. I got a new T5 light system and heating mat so will see if there's really a big difference between cheapie fluorescent bulbs (cool and warm, 1 each) and the T5. I'm guessing there will be!


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Nice looking seeds, they look great! Looks like you got about 30,,

My two papilio pods are cracking too but I'm going to force myself to wait until tomorrow..

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I planted about 20 and floated 10. There are at least 40 more that I have put away. About 70 seeds in total!

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I guess I'll just add my seeds to this thread.

There were 72 papilio x tango/ruby star (frozen pollen) and there are many seeds that are pockmarked even if you can't see them. I can't imagine that the Ruby Star did anything as I've had nothing but failure with her with fresh pollen, but you never know. I'm quite sure Tango is the pollinator.

There were over 100 seeds of papilio x Chico and many were also pockmarked or look funny in some way.

I'm confident I'll be able get some of both crosses to germinate. ( I hope)...Donna

Thanks for looking and with a little bit of luck maybe Kristi and/or I will revive this thread in about 3 yrs with flowers!!!

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I' sure you both will get seedlings from those seeds, Kristi and Donna. They all look good.


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

As was forcast, Purple Rain and Temptation x Pap failed, but Moscow x Pap and x Evergreen yielded viable seeds

Thanks to the recent advice of Maria, if the pod's been ripening long enough, and starts to fail, it's still possible to get viable seeds from the pod!


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