where to buy bac ha?????

starbird(Z6 MA)June 11, 2007

Does anyone know where I can purchase some BAC HA plants or tubers?

Sadly I lost all the Bac Ha over this past winter. The worst part is they were my mom's babies, she had grown them every year until 3 years ago when her physical health prevented her from doing any gardening. Since then I have been helping her planting/ tending her bac ha, and also digging up and properly storing the tubers away for winter. I dug up the tubers this past winter and set it in tray for air dry in the basement, and unfortunately I totally forgot about it (such an air head!). So that was the end of all her bac ha, drying out to the bone in the basement all winter long.

If you know of any places that sell bac ha plants/tubers, and willing to ship please let me know. Many Thanks.


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