Fertilizers/ vegan/Individual belief/ preferences.

eswar(7b)June 23, 2011

Fertilizers/ vegan/Individual belief/ preferences.

All these are based on my individual/religious and traditional beliefs.

Blood meal: Quick available source of nitrogen/with a potential to burn the roots if used on tender plants. Obtained from slaughter houses. Usually from pigs or cattle. Some object the animal before it is a slaughtered is in a state of fright and fear and they do not want to the blood of that animal as a fertilizer or in their yard.

Bone meal: From slaughtered cattle. Used in India also.

The gelatin is from animal bones. Mostly cattle.

Many animals such as Dogs, cats, raccoons etc are attracted by the /smell/Scent. They dig the planting beds. Good source of phosphorous, calcium and nitrogen. I used it before and neighbors dogs and some animals dug up all my beds.

But if no objections one can mask the smell easily.

Milorganite.Obtained from processed sewage sludge. Contains processed Human excreta. Now free from heavy metals. Good for lawns and leafy greens. Good source of Iron.

I use it on my lawn and leafy green. User�s reports can be read in best lawn forum another web site.

Some object as it is processed Human S--T

Soya bean meal, Alfa Alfa meal and cotton seed meal.

Purely vegan fertilizers. I use them heavily in fall, builds humus, organic matter. Good source of nitrogen.

Alfalfa meal additionally adds trace elements and potassium. Check Google for additional information.

In the growing season I ferment them in a 5 gallon bucket, add a couple of handfuls, for fermentation one can add a table Spoon of yogurt, butter milk or kefir. My preferred source.

Fish bone meal: Though is from an animal source I use it. It is expensive. Cheaper to buy it from Amazon 25 pounds for 30 dollars with super saver shipping. It works quickly, good quick response. A quick source of calcium and phosphorous.

Crab meal; No experience.

Trace elements. (Zinc, Iron, boron copper, manganese and copper and molybdenum) essentiali. Many of these minerals. I use a trace mineral mix regularly as a foliar nitrition. I buy them from agricultural stores about 8-10 dollars per gallon works plus shipping. Works very well. 1 oz per gallon as a foliar spray.

Ayuervedic recommended amendments.

Some traditional people use a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a 3 gallon of water, and a piece of ginger cut and blend with water in a blender. It is supposed to be a flavor enhancer and kills bugs in the soil.

I only used turmeric powder but not ginger as my wife will not allow me to use her blender for my concoctions.

Miracle grows. Available in 3 different types, regular, a separate formulation for tomatoes and one for bloom.When the 2 brothers Jack and Scott separated Scott got miracle grow and jack got professional grade jacks fertilizers aimed at commercial growers and nurseries.

It is used as a soil drench.

Some sensitive people who grow marijuana can say if miracles grow is used as they can taste it. Many marijuana growers flush the plants before they harvest by using water only for 2 weeks.

I do use them at half the recommended dose, but add to Alfa Alfa or soya meal, chicken manure tea. Tea. Only tomato or the bloom formulation.

Flavor enhancement.

Years ago when I grew saffron (crocus sativa) the saffron was bland. I called the company and they said the flavor comes form sulphur and phosphorous and amino acids, apart from the plants genetic makeup.

Phosphorous sulphor and few others responsible for the smell of garlic onion, cabbage, Brussels sprouts. The perfumes are based adding a different carbon link to the benzene ring.Tradionally many use mil k (2ozs per gallon) as a foliar spray and as a soil drench. It is a good fungicide too. I use it. Many users� reports and experiences can be read from best lawn forums. I use it.

Will add more later.

Apologize for typos

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good post...so I had a question. I plant organic seeds in miracle gro potting mix (non-organic) in containers and use jobes organic fertilizer sticks. Is my set up still organic if I am using the miracle gro soil?

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I believe the answer has to be, "no."

As you may realize, Miracle Gro does make an organic potting soil.

The link below provide more information on organic potting soil mixes.


Here is a link that might be useful: OMRI, Products List Search: potting, soil

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Hi Eswar,

I saw in your "My Page", that you have grown tuberose. Can you please tell me all you think one need to know because I am trying to grow these flowers for a nearby temple. I have no clue. Thank you.

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I can
answer all your questions. Due to my age, arthrites and lack of time it is difficult for me to type. send me an e mail.I will give my phone number.

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