Peeling dry layers?

bunnynomnom(zone 10a)February 6, 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie here and I'm wondering if it's a good idea to peel off the dry brown layers covering the bulb (the part above ground). My reasoning is to uncover any bug/worm hidden in between and also leave less places for water to pool and rot the bulb. Do you do the same? Thanks for your help!

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Hi BunnyNomNom,

Several of us here on the forum are avid bulb peelers myself included. Especially so if the layers are loose. If they are really tightly stuck to the bulb then I don't bother. Most of us do it for exactly the reasons you stated...Donna

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With new bulbs I peel them so I can inspect what's underneath. I wash off any noticeable mold and clip off any old dried roots (they're prone to rot), and then pot them up.

Looks like someone bought a bunch of bulbs from Edens Blooms. I purchased 3 of the Vegas bulbs. I kept two for myself and gave one to my mother. One of the bulbs I kept produced the biggest flowers I've ever grown on a hippie! They are very faintly scented too. I should note though, what I received were NOT Vegas. They were red with white stripes, not the reverse as is the pattern for Vegas. I'll be interested to see if yours blooms true to form for Vegas or if you got the mystery bulbs that I did!

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