eggplant plants are short but now have flowers?

cyumickey(Sunset 18)June 12, 2006

I couldn't find this topic in a search...

My eggplants have been in the ground for about a month now and I have just recently seen new growth. Imagine my surprise when I found that 2 of the plants are growing flowers already. Should I pinch off the flower so the plant will grow more? I think it is maybe 1' tall (the plant not the flower!).



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This might be better for the vegetable forum but yes, you can pinch off the flowers until July 1 (as you can with pepper plants) to allow the root system to become more established which will in turn result in a healthier and maybe larger plant that will yield a higher number of fruit in the long run.

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cyumickey(Sunset 18)

thanks Violet...that's what I needed to know!

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