Good Asian Plant Nursery in NJ

aaaaaaaa(6)June 12, 2007


I am looking for good Asian Plant Nursery in and around NJ. Any suggestions?

Mainly looking for

Jasminum azoricum

Jasminum beesianum

Jasminum grandiflorum

Jasminum simplicifolium subsp suavissimum

Jasminum polyanthum

Nyctanthes arbor-tristis

Lawsonia inermis (Mehndi)

I know many online sites --but with too expensive shipping charges.


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I think you'd be hard pressed to find a nursery that caters to such a specific niche.

Your best bet is to inquire at the New Jersey Gardening Forum. And/or ask for those plants at the Plant Exchange Forum. You may be surprised at responses you'll get for who can send you a plant, certainly doesn't hurt to ask.

You can also go to The Garden Watchdog, particularly, this Search Page. Narrow the category by State.

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Thanks violet--appreciate your response.

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I am ordering some plants from

i have not received any yet, i will let you know.

Yes i know shipping is expensive.they are located in New york, maybe you can drive & find out for yourself first hand.

i live in wisconsin so i have to have them shippied.

Did u have any luck with Nyctanthes arbor-tristis ? Bhatia has this plant (2.5" size is 10$) i understand it is a rare plant they are making available for us in USA. i am ordering jasmines right now . Seeds are available at bananatree but i have heard a few bad reviews about that site, their minimum order is 15$.so i will think about Nyctanthes arbor-tristis(parijat).

The other plant Lawsonia inermis (Mehndi), seeds are available at , they have no minimum to order & .25cents shipping per seed packet. that is WOW, i would say, they are a reputed company to order from.

If you email me ,we can keep in touch. thanks for your time. Malini.

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Hi Malini,
I will email you.

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i am a newbie here ,though its been a while i see that some of u ordered plants from bhatia nurseries, i am thinking of ordering some like curry leaf,tinda and some jasmines.i would like to know the quality of their plants.thanks .

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I did order few plants from BN-like--Jasminum Sambac "Grand Duke Of Tuscany" (Butt Mograw), Piper Betle (Pan), Crossandra Infundibuliformis (Kanakambra), Rajanigundo Single Tuberose. Although I got what I wanted I am not satisfied with the plants. Jasminum is quite good. However, Pan--is almost at the verge to dying, Crossandra- did not survive and Tuberose did not produce flowers even after almost a year. I also visited BN few weeks ago and bought 'Ajmo'--is doing quite good. When I visited BN--it is not that impressive and feel plants are quite weak.
I am not sure where you live--it is better for you to visit BN before ordering any plants--this is my opinion. Even 'Currey Leaf' plant looks very dull, where as at logee's and else where they look quite healthy. Hope this helps. As a person I am very particular with my plant collection and their healthÂI believe that good roots produce good plant.


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thanks for ur reply, i live in mn, i will look for at logees.

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Dear Bhatia:
You have Plant show from May 23rd through June 11th. What is the location of the show. Give us complete address. Is it at
river Edge, NJ?
Bipin Engineer

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