English/botanical name for Linh chi plant??

fragrantgardener01June 28, 2013

Bought a robust leafy plant under this name. The vendor says the plant is a Vietnamese herb and leaves are eaten with eggrolls and stalks are used in making soup. I tried to figure out what the botanical name is but the vendor says it has no English name. I googled "Linh Chi" and all that come up under the name is a mushroom. This is definitely not a mushroom. If anyone here has any idea of an Englis or botanical name, I'd love to know.


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Maybe it is Vietnamese Balm - Elsholtzia ciliate (actually, the last word should end with -ta and not -te but, for some reason, the correction system doesn't accept it...)

Here is a link to the plant:

Here is a link that might be useful: Vietnamese Balm

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Thanks, Solanum.

This doesn't look or taste like a mint. It has big serrated leaves, with deep serrations. Any other suggestions?


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Finally found the answer. It is mugwort.

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