Edible Cosmos??

shaunacJune 1, 2008

I am curious as to whether anyone is familiar with Cosmos (the common flower) as an edible. My family routinely eats it (foliage only)raw as an accompaniment to grilled fish, and I must say it has a nice bitter celery-like flavor, but I cannot find any hard evidence that it does not possess toxicity risks...

As an immigrant family, older relatives are always finding wild things that look like vegetables from home (lathyrus, loco-weed to name two..) and I worry about whether cosmos is ok to eat as well.... If so, what a nice taste in a beautiful package!

Thanks if anyone has any information on the safety of this as an edible....

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Both Cosmos caudatus (wild cosmos) and C. sulphureus are edible as young plants but it doesn't seem that the common Cosmos (C. bipinnatus) is edible...

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