Growing snake gourd in containers

xman(7/8)June 8, 2012


Due to space limitations, I am wondering if I can grow snake gourd in large containers. These containers are 20 gallons. How many snake gourd plant can I grow in each container assuming I can grow them in containers?

Has anybody done this and have some advice?



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Yes, it would probably work. The vines can become enormous, 20 plus feet long, so you still will need a good area to grow it in. I would say a 20 gallon sized tub/container is about the minimum that would work, if you could do bigger it would be even better. I'd do no more than 2 in there. I'd actually say only one, but that gives you no back-up in case of a disaster at some stage.

Anything you can do to make sure it has all of the water and nutrients it needs in there is going to help tremendously. Best solution would be to set up some kind of automatic drip watering and use Osmocote and a constant liquid feed program.

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