Bitter melon seeds not sprouting

vegetarian(6 , NJ)June 19, 2010

I am having trouble sprouting Indian Long green and Thai long bitter melon this year. These seeds were acquired from a commercial seed company. Seed pack says packed for 2010.

Has anyone grown these varieties? Are these hard to germinate?

How long do they typically take to sprout?

I started a batch during the last week in April- indoors on a heating mat - No sprouts. Another one around mid May - no luck. And one more batch 10 days ago - no sign of life yet.

My method is to crack the seed coat a little, soak them in water for couple of days and sow them in seed starting mix.

On the other hand, another variety - Delica Thorn sprouted within a week following the same method. What gives?

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do not crack the seed coat. Germs and mold can attack the seed.

do not put in water for a couple of days it rots & kills the seed.

do not use a heating mat without a thermostat. Your seeds may get too hot. Did you use a minimum maximum and regular thermometer to monitor the temperature many times a day to get a good handle on the maximum temperature reached. Too high a temp for a few minutes will kill the seeds. or greatly lower the germination percentage.

I recommend you try by putting the seeds into sterile soil and moisten the soil and wait. they should be sprouted within 2 weeks or less. Keep the soil moist but not overly wet. Some warmth is good. At this time of year I do not use a heating mat. I germinate outdoors in natural warmth.

I would plant the seeds on edge in the soil.

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Set seeds in sun for one hour then place seeds in wet paper towel until seed swells and starts to spit.Plant in warm soil.A friend from India show me this method.I have grow bitter melon over five years for my diabetes.good luck

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jimster(z7a MA)

I tried to grow Indian Long Green with seeds from Baker Creek this year and got no germination. The first attempt was in a tray of ProMix on a temperature controlled heat mat. The second attempt was in a moist coffee filter in a plastic bag. Perhaps there was something wrong with my methods but they worked for everything else I planted except one other batch of seed which I have reason to believe was no longer viable.

Are bitter melon seeds typically more difficult to sprout than other things?


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vegetarian(6 , NJ)

gardendawgie, you are correct, cracking the seed coat did not do much for seeds, they just grew mold. Anyways, in my third batch without breaking seed coat - just soak in water for a day in a container in the yogurt maker [hoping the constant heat will make a difference] - and then plant in seed starting mix, I also sowed some delica thorn seeds as a control. Guess what? I got 2 sprouts from them last week [ even after some heat abuse in the yogurt maker] and I have already planted them out.

Jim, My seeds also came from Baker Creek. I wrote to them and they asked me if I need more seeds or a refund. I got more seeds with the hope of atleast getting one of them to sprout.

I started a 4'th batch from the new seeds they sent me. The batch number on Indian Long green seed pack was different this time. I soaked the seeds for a day and put them in seed starting mix and put the tray outside in the sun. Its been in higher 80s and lower 90's. I'll wait to see if anything sprouts.

BTW, my delica thorn's from the first batch have already put out a couple of "female" flowers. I guess that variety is a keeper!

Thanks for the tip blueman2010! I'll try that one too..

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Do you have Bitter Melon seeds?
Do you have any other Asian/Indian veg seeds? We can exchange.


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