Plants that grow from store bought parts?

deepnshallowJune 2, 2010

Thought I'll give Indian plants a try! I just planted a stem of store bought mint leaves and they have started to grow! Are there any other plants that grow from parts of store bought stuff?? If u've tried and were successful please share!



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Malabar spinach
Mango flavoure ginger(white ginger)
Edible purslane(ganavayalu koora- Mexican grocery stores).
Colacassia Arvi for ror tubers(chama dumpa).

Mangoes. Eat and bury the seed in a pot.
Others -I do not remember at this time.
Check the Mexican and grorean grocery stores.

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I tried mint. And it survived and is doing good. I am gonna try with potato and arbi.


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Leeks grow wonderfully.
I found this out when I was charged per leek for a bundle of three. I got so aggravated I put the left over root in water and within a few days I had the leek pushing up around the center. The funny thing is I keep them in a small plastic container of water next to my air conditioner. They are growing well and I just snip when I want a little.

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Sweet potatoes and garlic. Ginger.

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suprneko(9b/sunset 16 NorCal, S. Bay)

Green onion (bunching onion), super easy. Trim to the white part when you are ready to use it, then plant the bottoms. My mom says to trim the roots but it doesn't seem to matter.

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I plant my green onions when I don't get a chance to eat them. They'll keep going and grow more when planted. One of my veggie gardening books recommended getting my lemongrass from the grocery store rather than a garden nursery as the better edible version is more likely to be at the grocery store (the grass must have some roots attached).

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I bought a bitter melon and fuzzy melon from the oriental market. Also, a bunch of lemon grass. How do I start the lemon grass? Can I grow the melon seeds or are they hybrids?
How do I start the melon grass?
I'm in AZ. Should I plant in full sun our part shade?

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Most tuberous roots should sprout, providing they haven't been sprayed to prevent sprouting in storeage. You can try to look for ones that have little sprouts coming out already. Waxed ones probably wouldn't but i haven't tried, doesn't look appetizing anyway!

sunroot (often called jerusalem artichoke, it is neither an artichoke or from jerusalem)
sweet potatoes
potatoes (these sprout easily and are often sprayed commercially these days)

garlic bulbs can be divided and the cloves planted, these will mature into another crop. However other alliums (leeks, onions) that you plant will probably already be one year old and you will mainly be planting them for seed. Many root vegetables are biennial and will seed in the second year.

The tops of carrot, parsnip, turnip, radish, beets (and i'm guessing salsify and scorzonera, but am growing from seed for the first time this year) can all be planted in soil, leaving a good amount of root, like an inch, they will root, and go to seed. This is a good way to see what the root tastes like, choose your favourite individuals and plant them.

green onions are sometimes immature bulbing onions, though they may not be good keepers, or scallions which are perennial and keep multiplying.

The melons are probably immature at the store (actually i think fuzzy melons are mature fruit, but even winter sqaush is picked early sometimes), so the seeds may not grow. Generally, growing cucurbits from seed is tricky because you don't know what other cucurbits the farm was growing. If it was a local organic farm they may be growing many cucurbits of the same family which could cross. The advantage is that you could ask them.
If it was a large commercial farm there's a good chance they are growing only one thing, but also a good chance they are hybrids anyway.
This being said however, fuzzy melons and bitter melons are in different genus than other squashes and melons and probably won't cross with anything but different cultivars of themselves.

As far as i know cucurbits like to be really hot, many originated in mexico, so full sun should be fine. I always focus on getting them as hot as possible though because i generally live in colder tending climates.
If you transplant (probably not necessary with the long growing season) you may need to protect them from the sun for a few days while they get established. If my transplants start to wilt i put an upside down pot over them and they perk up. They will need lots of water.

I am fairly obsessive about saving seeds from fruits and planting them anyway, i know apples will turn out quite varied and very unlikely be like the apple the seed came from...but when i cut open an apple and there are little sprouts inside i can't possibly kill them! We'll see what they produce, it will be a while. At least i can make vinegar.

no luck on the lemon seeds yet (meyer lemons, more cold tolerant and really exquisite, but thin skin)

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beans! beans grow if you buy them at the grocery store.. also dried or ripe peppers! i bought a bunch of dried peppers and threw the seeds of 4 (out of like 200) into some potting soil just to see if they'd germinate... they did! i'll grow some next year & see what they produce. i know that you can germinate goji berries from the dried ones. just soak them in water over night and squish the seeds out & plant them. you could probably also do other berries that way, and things like figs. if your store sells fresh cherries or figs, i'm sure you could also get them going by coating the stems in rooting hormone & letting them do their thing. with the figs, you could probably even plant the seeds or use seeds from the dried figs.

if your store has a section for heirloom tomatoes, you can easily save the seeds from those... and cucumbers. heirloom cucumbers. easy peasy!

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kvenkat(5a Colo)

For lemongrass, buy ones that look fresh. If there are roots, thats even better. Stick into a glass of water and keep on the window sill. Change the water every other day. In about 2-3 weeks you will have roots about an inch or more long. Plant into a pot with well-draining soil and place in half to full sun.

I also have an taro tuber (arbi) which was planted 2 weeks ago. It is sprouting new leaves and looks happy.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Vietnamese Coriander herb ("Rau Ram" in vietnamese), super easy. Just buy a bunch from the asian grocery store, use the leaves and put the stems in a cup of water, and within days you will see roots. Just put it in good garden soil, give it plenty fo sun and water, and it grows like mad!
Spearmint is another good choice. Same thing, use the leaves and put the stems in water. It roots very quickly.
I have both of these in my garden, and they accompany most of the vietnamese dishes that I cook.

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There is a big advantage in planting mint from the grocery store. Mints vary quite a bit in taste from one plant to another. You can taste the mint at the store and if it's to your liking, plant it. It will always grow true to the parent plant if you plant from a shoot.

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little bitty garlic cloves that are too bothersome to peel, collect them in a container, and then stick in the dirt instead.

lemongrass, root in water

seeds from longan, lychee, etc.... plant all the seeds and create a bonsai forest with them! i'm in the process of doing this right now.

I grew a 20ft pear tree from a seed at the asian market! it was a ya li pear that I ate and the seed already had a root coming out, i stuck it in the dirt. The tree fruited 5 years later and it was a regular green, roundish and hard (but yummy) fruit, the kind you peel and dip in nuoc mam and sugar and chili sauce.

I also took a tiny cutting fiver years ago from a meyer lemon and now have a huge 6 ft bush with tons of lemons

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deebo82(8 Puget Sound/WA)

Epazote (Mexican herb) from the grocery store took well when I tried it... Also I have a Thai basil tree (huge) rooted from a leftover cutting from eating pho one day.

Practically any herb from the store (ridiculously expensive) can be rooted from cuttings..

Also, like suprneko said, plant the root end of scallions from the store for a second crop. Make sure to keep the soil moderately wet though, they have small root systems.

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Watercrest (rau can) and waterspinach (rau muong). Buy from the store, use the top parts for your cooking and stick the bottom parts in a jar of water. You'll see roots in a couple of days.


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jimster(z7a MA)

Nice little bonsai trees can be grown from pomegranate seeds.


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indian eggplant (from eggplant seeds), tomatoes (from most/any), ginger, garlic, arvi (taro), elephant ears, watermelon, bitter melon (get a ripe karela), methi from seeds, mustard from seeds, coriander/cilantro from seeds, dried chilly, mango tree from seeds, lemon grass...the list goes on.

Curry plant, tindora WILL NOT grow from seeds. They need root/rooted plant.

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Curry leaf plant--murraya koenigii grows from seeds. I have myself grown several plants from the seeds I get from my bigger plants. They should be almost fresh but the pulp part of the seed should be dried.


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bjdurham(z7a GA)

Seeds from fresh dates sprout easily folded in a damp paper towel in a plastic bag. Grows into palm trees.

Citrus pips planted in potting soil sprout easily too.

I have a small fuyu persimmon tree that I planted from a seed last spring from a southern hemisphere persimmon.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

lemongrass, shiso, basil, mint, chinese parsley, ...

I root them in water then when time is right plant them in the garde. This way is much faster than growing from tiny seeds.

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dioscorea batatas

Wild Yam is easy from root cuttings taken in the winter or late fall. Tubercles or baby tubers can be found in the leaf axils in late summer and early autumn. These should be taken when about pea size and easily fall away from the vine. They should be planted immediately in individual pots and kept inside till spring. Wild yam prefers sandy to loamy medium, well-drained, moist soils and requires partial shade.

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How to Grow Turmeric

Aside from its power as a seasoning, there is growing evidence of the health benefits from this herb. ItâÂÂs high in anti-oxidants and may have anti-inflammatory or even anti-caner properties.

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