Favorite Asian veggies and how prepared?

bill_southerncal(10 So.Cal)July 2, 2005

What are your favorite Asian veggies? How do you prepare them? My favorites are:

(1) Asparagus bean, just sauteed with onion in sesame oil is great, or mixed with other veggies, including bok choi, napa cabbage, regular cabbage, etc.

I also have had it in soups with chicken and ginger, greens like spinach, even sweet potato leaves, cabbage, etc. and maybe chayote squash, a boiling potato, yucca root, and with any other vegetables from the winter squash or turnip family. The Thai and Filipinos also prepare it in a coconut milk base with meats.

(2) Gai lan - When available, the simpler the better but it has to be fresh. SOuthern Cal is great because you can buy it at the Farmer's Market in winter. I love it sauteed in Sesame oil, w/onion, and perhaps some oyster sauce beef for variety; sometimes stir fried with meats and shrimp also. It's even great on the BBQ grill.

(3)Napa cabbage - it makes a far better Chinese Chicken salad than any lettuce. The taste is lighter the texture holds up to dressing without being tough (like regular cabbage). The flavors of the chicken and other ingredients don't get drowned out. It is also delicious cooked in any soup, esp. chicken base soup, i.e. chicken with ginger.

(4) Snow peas, in so many ways. I love it raw by itself, in salads with a creamy dressing, or with some other vegetables to munch on before dinner, like carrot, celery, and jicama sticks. It's also a must have in many soups, esp. won ton and sizzling rice.

(5) Winter squash mainly in meat and chicken soups, with lemon or calamondin, and you could also use overgrown zucchini, zucchini rampicante (a large Italian type) and opo (Philippine squash). Actually, you could also use any winter squash such as Kubocha. Throw in a half pound of sliced tomatoes in a half gallon of sop for a little color along with a deep green leaf veggie and even a sliced eggplant.

(6) Eggplant, mainly Pintung Long and other long slender Asian varieties. I like to just grill them with lemon juice and olive oil and/or sesame oil and onion salt and black pepper.

(7) Asian tomatoes, like Odoriko and Momataro. Both are pinkish hybrids, and have a nice, full sweet and tangy taste. For some reason, Ororiko is much easier to grow than Momataro.

(8) Beans - mostly mung beans and mung beam sprouts. Mung beans are great boiled and then added to a coconut base with ground beef, chicken, pork or seafood. Lots of high quality protein. Unlike regular American style beans, mung beans have a nutty flavor. I also love mung bean sprouts, esp. in stir fries, mixed in with your favorite egg roll recipe, and on top of a salad. Adzuki bean makes a great ice cream and if you didn't know, you'd think you were eating strawberry ice cream both in taste and appearance. It's also a great paste used in lots of baked goods, but I'm a lousy baker so I don't even try.

(9) OK I don't know if these belong on the list, but I love Sunrise melons from Japan, though I don't really like most of the crisp varieties.

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honu(z11 HI)

- Mustard cabbage added just before serving a tofu/mushroom soup. For meat eaters, add mustard cabbage to oxtail soup with peanuts and shiitake mushrooms. Serve grated ginger and soy sauce on the side.
- Kimpira gobo (burdock root) with carrots, sesame and chili pepper.
- Warabi (fern shoots), tossed w/ tomato, cucumbers, garlic, onion, dried cod fish, sesame, fish sauce, kombu (seaweed), chili peppers, rice vinegar, lemon
- Okinawan (purple) sweet potato, cubed and tossed into salad, drizzled w/ guava dressing

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Mizuna - a great multi-purpose green!! Terrific in salads, soups, & stirfries.

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1) Ong choy with spicy bean curd.

2) Yu Choy and Gai Lan, cooked quickly with water (not oil) til bright green. Plate, then drizzle hot peanut oil and soy sauce over the top and serve.

3) Bitter Melon stir fried with velveted beef and black beans.

Never overcook Asian vegetables. Asians don't like mushy vegetables, they should be bright green and crispy - and they have more nutrition anyway because they're not overcooked, mushy, and bland as many American vegetables are prepared.

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water spinach (the kind outlawed in certain states)- stir fried with garlic, seasoned with salt, a little sugar, pepper. add salty beancurd towards the end (optional).

substitute above with young pea shoots.

regular spinach with bacon dripping dressing (bacon drippings, sugar, vinegar, onions).

swiss chard - steamed, salt & pepper and dabbed with butter!

artichoke, asparagus, winged bean, I love greens!!

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water spinach (aka ong choy) may be "outlawed" to grow, but it certainly is not outlawed to eat. The most common and preferred way to prepare it is with chili preserved bean curd.

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even if it was outlawed to eat, I would still find a way to eat it, haha.

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bulletz64(z8 SEA)

Bitter melon/gourd - best dish for me is ampalaya con carne. Marinade bittermelon slices with soy sauce, corn starch, sesame oil and ginger. Saute onion, garlic and ginger, then add ampalaya. Brown beef a little and add. Add water with cornstarch to make it a little thick then a little of the black beans (just a little as this is too salty).

Yardlong beans - saute onion and garlic. Add coconut milk until it simmers, add shrimps (unshelled). When shrimps turn pink, add yardlong beans (cut into 3" pcs) and cook just when beans are a little soft.

Water spinach (kangkong in filipino) - as an appetizer, crispy kangkong is good. Just make batter mixture (can be onion rings batter) dip the leaves one at a time and deep fry it. Yummy!

Eggplant - grill it and peel. Mash it while adding minced onion, fresh ground peppercorn, salt and minced garlic. Used as a side dish for another filipino dish, pochero.

I can go on and on, but this is for now. :)

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bencelest(z9 CA)

Tis is my first post here and I am so enamored with Odoriko hybrid tomato.
Where can I buy them please.
I live in Salinas California.

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micronthecat(7, North Carolina)

This is my first post as well, and having read all yours, I want to know,

1. What is this water spinach, and

2. Why on earth would it be outlawed?

3. I am in NC; is it outlawed here?

As for the topic at hand, I love daikon radish and carrot salad, also daikon in place of the rice noodles in spring rolls (cuts down on carbs and adds flavor), also snow peas and snap peas and EDAMAME!!! I saute the snow and snaps with olive oil and butter with garlic, salt and pepper, edamame I put in one of those microwave steamer bags and zap. YUM.


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corapegia(z5 NY)

Water spinach is an invasive plant. I buy it at an Asian market in Albany, NY but first ate it at a Chinese restaurant in Queens, NY. I'm not going to try to grow it because of the invasive quality but it might not survive the winters where I live, anyway. I think I prefer gai lan and many different types of bok choy which I get at the same market in winter and which I grow myself in spring and fall.

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iheartroscoe(Zone 5, Northern IN)

One of my favorites in Daikon. Especially in Kimchi! This is my first time growing it this year, so it should be interesting.

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