what is wrong with my Amaryllis???

emerald1951February 4, 2011

Hi all....

I am new to this forum, but not new to GW....

before christmas I bought 2 Amaryllis....

I gave one to my friend and I kept the other....

the plants are both planted the same as per the directions,

she keeps her house temp at 62',

I keep my house temp at 68'

she keeps her plant in the dining room, sunny south window,

I keep mine in the living room sunny south window.

and we both keep the potting soil moist,

hers is now 36 inches tall and almost full bloom....

and mine is maybe 2 inches tall....

any ideas why the huge difference in our plants????

thank you for any info....linda

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I don't want to come across as condescending, but they are different plants that is why they may behave differently. The one your friend had may have been out of cold storage longer than yours also. I would just continue to keep it slightly moist and warm and it will bloom when its ready. As long as you see green its alive. Good luck!

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Noni Morrison

I would also suggest that you take a good look at your bulb and make sure it is not rotting on the bottom. Keeping the soil moist can be disastrous. You want the soil to never be totally moist and certainly not maintained constantly in that condition. Water it then let it almost dry out before watering again.Usually when one of mine fails to grow like its buddies who were treated the same, I find the bulb has problems. JUst pull back the soil enough that you can see the bulb is firm and green all the way to the base.

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I did take the bulb out of the pot and it looks fine and it has nice white roots...and I always let the pot dry out a bit but not totally dry...I have grown two others one many years ago and one last year and both did well, but this one has me completely confused as to what is wrong...
time will tell I guess and I will call this one a 'late bloomer' lol..........linda

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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

Indeed what Radar said - each bulb is individual and will bloom on it's own schedule. I have bought bulbs from different places this year: some are blooming, some are doing nothing at all, even though they are healthy looking. In the amaryllis game, I have learned one must have patience. Lots of it :)

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