Problem with Aubergine leaves

chillout_cyJuly 5, 2013

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help me. As you can see something seems to be attacking my plants. I grew these from a kit, the variety is Black Beauty( that's what it says on the box). They're actually growing quite well apart from this. When they were smaller it started in one or two random leaves. It's not affecting every leaf. I gave some seedlings away to friends and they seem to be suffering also. I live in Cyprus and as summer is upon us with the extreme weather conditions I'm looking for advice. Many thanks in advance.

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This looks like leafminer damage. They are the larvae of a type fly that lays eggs on the surface of leaves. When the larvae hatch they stay inside the membrane of the leaves and eat the leaves, leaving white trails and thin papery patches. You can do an internet search on them easily.

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