anyone grown dwarf bokchoy ?

freshfields(Phi)July 3, 2006

Some call it NAIPAI, some called it dwarf bok choy however

it seems that my dwarf bok choy is not living up to its name ... being dwarf

when i tried to harvest it early, i find the petiole too small. when i tried to harvest the "heart" after 37 days, the heart, in order for it to be commercially viable, is too big to be called dwarf bok choy.

that is the proper spacing ? do you direct sow or transplent them ?


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jimster(z7a MA)

You've waited a long time for an answer. I wish I could help. All I can suggest is to investigate different varieties. Also, find out about the correct growing season.

Good luck.


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There are many, many varieties of dwarf bok choy. You must consider your seed source. Where did you get yours?

Direct sowing or transplanting should have little effect on the end result. Temperature, sun light, and water can have quite a bit of influence. I would space 6 inches apart.

As Jim said, if you don't like the variety you are growing, try others. I usually grow out at least 6 - 8 varieties.

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How big did it grow? Regular bok choy can grow to more than a foot tall. My dwarf bok choy grew to be half the height before I harvested them. If you let them grow, they'll bolt and the flower stalks can be two feet high or more.

I directly sow the seeds and space them about six inches apart.

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