mango salsa

ianna(Z5b)July 13, 2005

Hi everyone,

I need help, I've been trying to perfect a recipe for a mango salsa with red peppers with lime juice & fish sauce to accompany grilled tilapia fish (which I want to grill in banana leaves). so far I've been off somewhat. Does anyone here have a favorite recipe to share?



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I can't say that I have tried it but here is a recipe I found that matches the description of what you are looking for:

I'm curious as to how you are going to grill the fish in banana leaves. Are you going to wrap the fish in banana leaves and stick it onthe grill? Are you going to throw wet banana leaves onto the hot coals to steam to fish imu-style? Sounds tastey!

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Thanks, I'll give the recipe a try. What I've done was a bit different but I suppose it had a thai influence to it. I had diced mango, red bell pepper, red sweet onions, corriander, lime, fish sauce and used a chinese sweet chili sauce to it. I just couldn't get the taste right. But I think I have to do some substitution and will try green onions instead.

I was just planning to simply salt the fish, wrap them in the leaves and grill it that way. The fish will steam cook this way and the leaves will impart it's taste to the fish. I don't know yet if I want to flavour it with ginger and onions. It may just be too much when combined with the salsa. It is a yummy lunch packet if you can imagine it with the mango salsa and steamed rice. You can grill a lot of seafood this way. In anycase, I'm doing a 'fushion' thing for this weekend's barbecue party, so have been experimenting with this salsa.

Fresh banana leaves can be used as plates to serve fresh seafood on. Imagine grilled shrimps or fish, garlic fried rice, sides of sweet pickled vegetables such as carrots, green papaya and daikon, and for dipping - flavoured coconut vinegar (flavoured with hot thai peppers, ginger and garlic).


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Mmmmmm...I agree that just salting the fish might be enough. Although if the tilapia are whole, you could stick just about anything inside the body cavity. I know my grandma has done something similar and stuffed the fish with sweet potato leaves.

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