Japanese Pickling Melons -- no sign of female flowers???

denninmi(8a)July 31, 2010

Anyone grow these. I tried a couple of kinds this year, first time growing them. I got them either from Kitizawa or Evergreen, can't remember.

They are big, prolific vines, but not a sign of a female flower anywhere. Lots of male flowers. I started them early in April in the greenhouse, and they are sprawling and climbing at least 8 feet out from the base of the plant.

What's up with that? I would think at this point they would be producing female flowers. All of my melons and other cucurbits are making fruit now.

Are these things just fussy? Shy to bear? Take a long time? Extra sensitive to overfertilization?

Any ideas?

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You are growing male plant.

You need grow female plant.

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