what stage are your veggies

priya_like_tropicalsJuly 1, 2009

Hi all,

Can I get a roll-call of the stage of your veggies ad your zone???luv to see pics..

this year the winter seemed long...by this time in the last few years we had a good crop of veggies....

mire are as follows

* bitter gourd still in seedling stage.

* bottle gaurd has first baby gourd

* okras - baby okrs just appearing

* Tomatoes- babyies appearing

* malabar spinach- just a few leaves-is this a slow plant

*pepper no sign of veggies yet

* cucmber- no sign yet

* green and lima beans- starting to grow beans

* eggplant -- no sign of plants from seeds yet.!!

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Hi priya,

You seem to be way behind, considering you are in zone 7.
With gourds you are ok, but they may not mature/harden on vine. Cukes,are OK, since they dont need to ripen. But tomatoes will take more than a month (from small fruit) to fully ripen.
With eggplants, It would be hard to get any before it starts to cool off.
In zone 8 GA, here what I have:

1-I have been harvesting cukes and zuchinnies since late may.
2-Some of My bottle gourds are about 6" in Diameter, and some smaller ones.Most of My ornamental gourds are almost to full size and some younger ones.
3- My Japanes eggplants are over 2 feet tall and about to flower.
4- My mators are ripening now. I have harvested several so far, not too many.
5- I have harvested some cubanell and sweet gipsee peppers and some chiles have fruits and some in bloom.

I must add that I direct sowed everything in the garden, except for the sweet gipsee, that I bough the plant, a cup size.
But do not despair nor give up. Next year you will benefit from this years experiece.

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I finally got around to replacing the engine in my rototiller in May so I got a slow start on some of the summer things. But now everything is going like gangbusters.
Harvesting: anaheim, jalapenos, sweet banana peppers. Chard, summer boy bok choy, lime, lemons, apples(dorset golden), basil.

Ready in one to two weeks: suyu cucumbers, santa rosa plums, snap beans (blue lake bush and tendergreen)

Ready in four weeks: hopefully the tomatos (got a late start) Yu choy, more bok choy(Canton short), molokhia (first time I've tried it. Serrano peppers.

Just transplanted: butternut squash, prolific yellow straight neck squash, globe artichoke, gai lan.

Jim/San Diego

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Nice looking garden Jim!

Interesting that you can grow tangerines and plums in the same garden.

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tomatoes...getting lots of ripe ones now.
peppers....picked the first batch the other day
green zucchini and yellow straightneck....starting to produce
black zucchini, yellow zucchini, tatume and patty pan squash....about to start flowering
butternut...just starting to vine
armenian and lemon cukes......flowering, no cukes yet
white wonder and spacemaster cuke....seedlings
3 eggplants....have been flowering for a while but only one egplant has set
beans....flowering and starting to make beans...also some seedlings
Okra....starting to make pods
brussel sprouts...just planted inside

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whgille(FL 9b)

Zone 9b in Florida.
Yesterday's harvest.


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We are harvesting Shelly beans, green garlic,peppers from last year's plants,fenugreek,radish, spinach and bits.

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Havesting yellow squash for 3 weeks now.
Harvested 6 bottle gourds (lauki) in the last two days. Pretty thrilled about that, this is the earliest yet.
Having Malabar Spinach for the last 3 weeks.
Heirloom tomatoes - quite a few green ones, can't wait for them to ripen.
Tindora, Snake gourd, Bitter gourd and Ribbed gourd are having a tough time growing with the lauki taking over all my netting.

Some pics below.

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Hi ye'all.

AS of this writing:
== tomatoes are out of bound. I am canning some.
== cukes are stil kicking good. I am pickling some.
== korean melons getting yellow.
== birdH/swan/bottle/ornamental gourds have full size fruits, plus small ones and still flowerin(geting slow though).
== peppers are growing nicley.
== Japanes eggplants, have some flowers, no fruits yet!!??
== Long beans keep climbing higer, but no beans yet???.
== Basils are at their peak, I think.
== plenty off shiso, w/big leaves
Thats All, folks.


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finally ripe cherokee black,and yellow boys coming in heavily as well as the beef stake,but few as yet ripe on the bs. have been up to my ears in yellow straight neck but the zukes are having hard time this year, as well as the cukes. the green beans are very productive and are wonderfull cooked fresh,scarlet runners bloombing but no pods yet. eggplants are producing but not too fast, have picked about a dozen or so from 8 plants but have lots of babies. all the chillies and bells are loading up and ripening. have enjoyed cabbage collards radishes,onions,scallions,as the climate here allows year round growing of these. have tried something new this yr celery slow to grow but here it allows cut and come again. have started my winter seeds of lettace,carrots,chinese cabbage, boc choi, kale and brocoli.

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