How are your gardens doing?

piksi_hk(9)July 10, 2010

Snails!!!! They are eating my amaranth leaves. I've put slug & snail bait on the ground but with the rain they keep coming & coming! I would like at least a meal from them.

I did sow more seeds on the other end of the bed so hopefully I'll get a harvest.

My neighbor from India gave me the green amaranth and they grew huge (5 ft) last year. This year I didn't plant them but one self-sowed but the snails don't bother them.

The yard long beans are flowering and I've had a few meals.

I planted 3 types: dark seed, white seed, and red seed.

I grew up with the dark green thinner yard long which are the red seed. A few years ago, I bought a pack of yard long from Martha Stewart. They were the thicker lighter green (my mom calls it in Chinese "9 month" bean).

Two cherry tomatoes died but did harvest quite a few before they died. Only one left and it looks good with only a few tomatoes.

I see a small melon on my winter melon plant.

The angled luffa gourd and bitter melon are growing but no harvest yet.

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for amaranth..if you put some ashes, base in soil...snails won't come.
are you watering too much?

please send me some seeds...i can send you SASE. Please email :

i have some rare veg seeds...i can send you.

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