Flowering of luffa

hmg123July 29, 2012

Hello I have luffa plants growing vigorusly in both my greenhouse and outside (zone 5b). I know growing outside at this zone is a big risk- hence the greenhouse too! The seedlings were transplanted early June and are huge plants with wonderful leaf growth but no indication of flowers. What am I doing wrong? I have grown luffas for about 5 seasons and only once was able to get a few tiny gourds. Last year I got flowers very late, they did set fruit, but then the frost ruined the fruit. Should I be using certain fertilizer, covering them with black cloth- short day requirement???? Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks

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I started luffa under flourescent light on last week of february inthe boiler room.Planted out last week of May .By june It got a lot of flowers.Started harvesting fruit end of august.I dont know what kind of luffa but it has ridge on it.I dont fertilize but they are planted on 50% compost and 50% native soil.By the way the fruits are 28 to 34" long.

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Jamesandfely, I had a similar experience, but I started my seeds straight in the ground. The fruits to get to around 28-34 inches long, but I prefer to harvest them before they exceed 24 inches so they don't turn bitter. It seems like planting them early enough is important, but it is also important to give them plenty of space, sunshine and heat.

I just made a blog with the entire documentation of the plants from seedling to harvest this year with plenty of pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: blog on my luffas

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