Bolted tatsoi, huge mustard greens

2ajsmamaJuly 18, 2013

We're having ponzu chicken tonight (and either rice or cold ramen noodles with sesame dressing). I have a lot of bolted tatsoi (and maruba santoh but that doesn't really look good - wilted in heat and flea beetles got to it), and some lovely (not flea-beetle-bitten) green wave mustard (plus lots of kale) and I'm wondering how/what to cook as a side dish. Just lightly steamed/wilted greens? What about the tatsoi flowers?

My sister is Korean married to Japanese, she and her DD eat such foods all the time, will have no trouble with these as long as not overcooked, but she doesn't know how to cook mustard greens. My mom and my DD like really bland food and may not even eat the ponzu (soy sauce and lime, garlic and ginger) chicken so greens have to be really mild for them to even take a taste. DH and I aren't fussy - though he'll probably add pepper sauce or flakes to his.

Oh, and I have a couple zukes and maybe a yellow squash ready too, some blanched edamame from last year in the freezer.


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Probably get more responses for this sort of question on the Harvest Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Harvest Forum

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

It maybe too late of a reply, but bolted bok choi, tatsoi and the likes are fine eating. The flowery stalk, that is till tender, just stir fry. For their bland taste, just sauteed some crushed/chopped garlic in a small amount of oil, then toss in the greens, or if it's still to much a flavor for them just sauteed in oil, it is till tasty too.

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I pulled the bok choy but still have tatsoi (really long flower stalks now!) and lots of mustard (and kale). Any recipes would be great, if I should pull them and start a fall crop I'd appreciate opinions too. I was selling for market, but it's a hard sell around here, esp. when I don't even know how to cook them!

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Well for now, since they are bolting, use what's still tender in stir fries or soups. And summer is such a bad time for these kind of cool weather veggies. After you harvest the last of the tender bolts(make sure it's not all flower and woody, to see if they are still tender ,just break the bolting stalk and if it breaks easily, it's still tender enough to eat. But if the stalk just bends, and you need a good force to pull it off, means, it's to old and fibrous to eat.) After you harvest the last tender stalk, I would pull for a fall crop. Heat is their worst enemy, causing them to bolt, even if they aren't fully grown. What kind of mustard? The typical store kind with the curly edges and tough some what like kale? If you were to target the Asian market, you want the kind that is more tender and sweeter tasting like the Chinese mustard or other Asian mustard variety. I find the american curly leaf kind you find in the grocery store to be tougher. The Chinese mustard is very sweet compare to the american one and way more tender. Again, these don't like heat either, it will cause bolting prematurely. The mustard is very good in soup or in a pickled. Bolting mustard is also good in stir fries.

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