Asian fruits

Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)July 3, 2005

Even though the forum says "Asian Vegetables" I'm going to post an Asian fruit question. Not being very familiar with when the fruits come into season and the stores will have them, would someone tell me what fruits will be there and when. Thanks!

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A few examples of fruit you can start from store bought fruit are Durian, Dragon fruit, Jackfruit, Logan, Lychee, Sweetsop, Soursop, Asian pear, Jujibe, Pumello, Fuji & Fuju (sp) persimmons. The persimmons usually donÂt have seeds but sometimes they do. You can also start a many herbs from Asian markets.

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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

Lychee should be available now through the beginning of summer. Dragonfruit is available about the middle of summer till late fall, not really worth eating, store bought ones are tasteless compared to homegrown. Durian, now through summer. Jujube, summer. Persimmons, fall. Sweetsop and soursop, haven't seen them before, where are you seeing these Baci. Wax jambu, summer through fall. Carambola, I think I seen them during winter. That's all I could think of right now.

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Eggo, the sweetsop & soursop I got from Floridian & CA traders. I have been told the Dragonfruit needs to be served chilled to improve its taste. I have not seen the Wax jambu  where are you seeing these Eggo?
If you look in the dried fruit section there are also imported varieties of Tamarind which have viable seeds. Another which some eat as a fruit is Moringa Olifera. I have not seen the fruit in stores, but I have seen it in some local gardens.

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>would someone tell me what fruits will be there and when

It is very difficult to predict what will be where and when because with the global economy and transportation, many items can be supplied year round by using different suppliers from different countries at different times of the year. Just google asian fruit, see what interests you and keep an eye out for things you recognize if you see they're available and try it!

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bill_southerncal(10 So.Cal)

At 99 Ranch Market (specialty Asian food store in Irvine), today I saw imported fresh lychees , Central CA grown Gaya, Kondoz, and Hanmei melons, as well as yellow Korean melons. They also had fresh durian from Thailand, I believe; two types of mangoes - Atualfo (Manila type mango) and Tommy Atkins both grown in Mexico. Besides Mexican papaya, they had Hawaiian grown strawberry papaya (smallish, pink extremely sweet), pomello which are locally grown these days, young fresh coconut from Thailand, and Asian pears from Chile. They also had the small manzano eating bananas, and the two cooking types (platanos AKA macho, and burros - thought you could argue they're not really just Asian fruits.

BTW, the Durian although was 40 away could be smelled. Some people commented that they smelled like a combo of tropical fruits and leather LOL.

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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

Baci, I think many of the wax jambu I've seen came from backyard crops. I usually don't see them in very large quantities. Dragonfruit is pretty good chilled but many found in the stores are picked too early either way, they tastes like nothing, think of a kiwi without any tastes and the worst watermelon you ever had, thats the tastes and texture. I had received Moringa seeds before, didn't know what on earth it was, but it was from a tree grown in the L.A. area and I was told the pods can be cooked. But I never grew them.
Wow you got fresh soursop and sweetsop. I tried to order some before from Florida but due to restrictions I couldn't get the fruits.
Those tamrind seeds do sprout. They are from a sweet tamarind type too but I don't know if it would come true to type.

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Thanks for the information, Eggo. I have also got some unusual species from backyard gardeners. CRFG had seeds for sale of annona species in its last issue but they are out now.
Another one you might see in markets is Rambutan  I have seen the fruit in some Southern CA Vietnamese markets. I lost my seeds when I went on vacation, but if I find it again I will try again. The groceries of Little Siagon & Korea town in Orange County also have some interesting items.

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