Sharks fin melons

mally_greenfingersJuly 15, 2006

Hi all,

I am an Art Director from the UK, and

am currently on a desparate search for information on sharks fin melons. I am involved in making a feature film for the BBC, in Liverpool uk. The Story is set on an Allotment garden, and the main character, a chinese immigrant, grows a load of sharks fin melons from seed.

I have tracked down two plants so far, and have the possibility of some seeds. However, The sharks fin Melons will not be available until late august, early september.

Therefore, we plan to Model some at various stages of growth, and attach them to our plants.

Therein lies my problem_ there is very few photographs on the web, of the shark fin melons.

If anyone has photographs of sharks fin melons, on the plant at various stages of growth, i would really like to see them.

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You may have better luck if you look for "Malabar Squash" which is the common English name for the same variety of plant.

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