how to germinate purple sweet potato?

preppystudJuly 18, 2011

i tried a few times. they always rot.

i start to wonder maybe the farmers did something to those things before they sold them to the stores.

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I just bought about 10 pounds of the Okinawa sweet potatos as my local Asian market. I found a couple that had eye growth coming out. The guy who told me about these potatos says I can put the tuber in water and let the eye grow out, then break it off after it gets some size on it, and let it grow some nice roots before potting it up. Not sure if this will work, but I'm about to try it.

My ornamental sweet potatos with purple fleshed tubers and chartreuse vines return each year, but I've never tried to eat them. Purple skin, purple flesh. Do great in a container or in the ground.

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oh, yea, that is how you grow them. once they start to grow leaves, you can plant them easily. they will grow.

talking about ornamental sweet potatoes, i had one last year, but i forgot to do some cuttings to grow them indoor, it died. and it hasn't produced anything this year, i can only assume that it is dead already. what a pity. it was growing pretty strong last year.

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