Bitter melon is ripe too young

colhanJuly 28, 2010

I need help to find the root cause and cure for this problem:

I have a big patch of bitter melon and I've been enjoy the fruits, but strating about 2 weeks ago, the young bitter melon (the fruits, not the vines) turn yellow when they're only a finger long.

Thanks in advance for any helps.

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What is root cause?

I do not think the cause is the root.

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I see a big empty block, what is it meant to be?

Uhm, maturing at small size? I wonder if it's too hot or too much sun?

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bluebirdie(Z8 SF E Bay)

Other than the temperature guavalane mentioned, could there be a change in pollination pattern? For example, sudden lack of male flowers blooming at the same time or bees?

It's also possible this is due to soil nutrition and moisture.

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One of the reasons I think is excessive heat and at the same time scarcity of water.

it seems colhan is looking for main reason for melons ripening too young.

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Few of bitter melons in my garden are yellowing too but at the earlier time when they are small in size.
Pic. of yellow bitter melon.

I believe this may be due to lack of pollinators as a result of excessive heat and lack of regular watering.I believe it is not due to early ripening of the fruit.

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