Reviving a frost damaged Cactus

azponderJanuary 19, 2007

I have a cactus that until this freeze was thriving it grew at least a foot and a half this year. Not sure of the species, long oval cylinders that are real thin spread off like ears from the bulkier trunks. The trunks are fine, but all the "branches" are wilted and hanging over. I cant even begin to figure out how to hold all the little wedges up, but should I even try? I am worried about damaging it if the water inside is frozen, but if I leave them alone I could see it getting really misshapen if it recovers.

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Hi azponder,

I'm not sure what species that is, but I've had the same problem. (Tonight it's *snowing* here!) A few people were quite helpful with my questions, so maybe one of them will answer your post, too.

Until then maybe this will help -

When the cactus here keeled over I got some cardboard to prop them up with. The cactus without any pads just got a long triangle shape of cardboard wrapped all around it and held in place at the bottom with rocks. The prickly pear type cactus with pads was a bit trickier.

I placed a little cardboard under the cactus pads and then stuck tree branches (which I cut into a Y shape with the very long bottom part of the Y being stuck in the ground and the "V" part of the Y propped under the cactus) under that. The cardboard was so the branch/prop won't poke into the cactus pad.

I'd just pruned those tree branches, but luckily they are strong enough to use to prop up our cactus. (Cactii?)

It's not a long-term solution, but maybe one you can try it with a few of your cactus "branches" that are closer to the main body of the cactus? You might have to cut off the ones that were frozen. I did with the ones that got frozen and mushy before we got proper 'freeze fabric' to cover everything with.

You might want to check out the thread where I was asking for help with my cactus, here -

Good luck with everything :)


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