Luffas aborting after 2-5 luffas produced per vine

stevelau1911August 11, 2013

I have a problem where after so many fruits usually anywhere from 2-5 fruits are produced, the rest of the fruits after that are aborted. I also fertilize well with NPKs, calcium, magnesium, and azomite for the micro-nutrients.

The soil is very well inoculated with myccorhizae, well watered, lots of manure, and the trellis is about 1500 square feet with only 7 plants on it so there's enough space. By the way, some vines are aready over 25ft long with over a dozen runners with the base of each vine exceeding 1 inch in diameter already.

I'm trying to foliar feed them, and I've also resorted to taking off some of the leaves, and hand pollonating, but it's still only allowing my plants to support only 40-50 fruits each at any given time. I want all the fruits that are produced to turn into edible harvests.

Is there any possible way for me to make it so that none of these fruits are aborted, or is this something that is inbuilt into the genes of the plant where it is designed to overproduce so only some of them are selected to grow and mature?

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zzackey(8b GA)

Sounds like too much fertilizer. I just googled how to grow them. I have seeds, but I never got them planted. They want fertilizer one time when you plant them, then you are supposed to wait until they start getting light green before you fertilize. They want lots of water and they don't want to be planted thickly.

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