C. Miniata seeds for cybister seeds

chickens_on_mars(8)March 9, 2012

For some impulsive reason I bought :P some seeds of Clivia miniata and have four extra. I would like to trade for seeds from cybisters, selfs and or crosses. U.S. only please.



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It looks like I'll have seed from a Sumatra... unfortunately, for the life of me, I can't remember what I may have crossed this with. If I crossed it, I would have done so with another cybister pollen... it may also be a self. All of the crosses I remember intentionally trying have aborted. It looks like the pods still have a couple weeks until they're ready to open. I'd be more than happy to send seed to you!

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The seeds have been promised thanks to all that responded.
Would anyone be interested in seeds from Picotee X Exotica?
I made the cross but now for the life o'me can't remember why. Too much on the to-do list to plant these.

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Brian, I sent you an e-mail via your profile but received an error e-mail. I'd love to try some of the seeds if you're giving them away.

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I would be interested in your picotee x exotica seed if you still have some. Let me know.

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