Urgent Help on Curry Tree

akhanmayoAugust 4, 2013

My family brought a curry tree from Pakistan. the plant had very little soil, enough to cover the roots of the plant. It has been out of soil for two days before it managed to find a home. after a couple of days the plant leaves have started to dry out, the base of the stem is looking pale green, please help me revive and save this plant...what shall i do?

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dochudson(6 / NYC)

Get well-draining soil, cactus or citrus soil from Miracle-Gro is fine http://www.walmart.com/ip/Miracle-Gro-Cactus-Palm-and-Citrus-Soil-8-qt/19398659

Get a moisture meter from Amazon or something http://www.amazon.com/Indoor-Outdoor-Moisture-Sensor-monitor/dp/B005T4720I

Plant the plant in rather large planter with the soil mentioned above and water it well so that the soil is moist (NOT wet). Leave it in open sun as long as the temperatures are more than 60F (presuming you live in the US) and you should be all set. Before watering the plant, use the moisture meter to check if the soil is dry or on lower spectrum of moist and water accordingly.

Too much of water will worsen the situation as the roots will rot (if the soil is not well-drained enough).

It will take LONG time for it to grow, first couple of years are critical.

Good Luck

One off question, how did they get the plant across the border? I tried to get it from India and they confiscated it because I do not have an import license.

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