yard long beans grow but won't flower and won't produce

batu2003August 10, 2008

This year we have rented a community garden. Among other veggies I have put in yard long chinese beans in mid May. We were on vacation in July. When we came back in August The beans grew almost everywhere in the garden, very bushy , tall... But so far I have yet to see a flower, or a bean... They keep growing but won"t produce.


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grandad_2003(9A/sunset 28)

Wow! A yardlong bean that doesn't produce. That's unusual. Could be a number of things... perhaps, climate (where you live is not warm/hot enough for them), or garden site location (too much shade), or soil type, or variety/cultivar (not the right variety for your location), other??? You mentioned that they "grew everywhere". Did you provide a trellis? If not then this might also be a reason.

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I guess the problem is with the trellis. It was too short. Maybe I can fix it. Because a neighbor has also yard longs, and they produce.

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Are your bean the purple/red kind? I grow three kinds, green, white and red/purple, the green and white produce well, but the red ones grow rigorously, but so far no flowers. The happened last year also. I don't think trellis is the cause for not even a single flower at this time of the year. And I do trellied on all the three kinds of my yard long beans.

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And one more thing, yard long beans do better with plenty of water.This is from my experience.Look at the nice pic. posted by grandad.It has plenty of leaves covering the garden soil which will save water in the garden soil and provide moisture also.

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I have the exact problem - vigorous vines but no flowering for 2 years now in the same location that 3 years and before I had many beans. My treliis is actually an arbor than can be walked under @ 7 feet high. My pH is 7-7.5, micronutrients are not lacking, N is low but P &K are excessive. Am adding sulfur to lower pH but suspect the problem is something else. I've checked into toxicants from tree roots (not too far away) but not sure on that. I regularly add hardwood leaf compost mixed with grass clippings so am wondering if that is a factor. Sunlight is 6 hours a day so don't think that's the problem. We had severe Spring droughts for the past 2 years, but I've watered every other day though wonder if I was getting enough down for uptake during the bloom period. Temperatures were excessive - mid 90's- so am suspecting that as the main culprit. Am to the point of pruning the layering vines in hopes of getting results when things cool in the Fall. I've typically had excellent blooming & bean production just before the first frost. Other experiences? Advice?

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Sounds like excess N. To much leaf growth.You said you rented a garden. Could be previous occupants overfertilized with fertilizer with high N content.

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Joeray(Z9 LA)

If it's any consolation, I'm having the exact same problem; these are from saved seeds from last year, when they made plenty of beans. No beans this year but lots of vines and leaves. I'm also having the same problems with some Mexican sunflowers; they're over 6 feet tall but haven't had the first blossom or even a bud.

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Check this site out. Your answer might be right in there.

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