I divided my Canna Pretoria 'Bengal Tigers' - Anyone interested?!

Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZJanuary 31, 2012

I decided to divide up my Canna Pretoria "Bengal Tigers", since they've become such a huge clump. I started with only four of these plants last spring. They were in 4" pots. It's crazy how big these guys got in one year!

Here they were in the summer after 2-3 solid months of growth

Here they were in the beginning of fall after I cut them back.

and here they are now getting big again.

I under estimated how big the clumps are! I thought I had enough 1/2gal pots for all 4 clumps but I didn't even have enough after dividing up one of the clumps! LOL

Some of the rhizomes were too big to fit in the 1/2gal containers so I had to bury them back in the ground for now.

So if anyone's interested I'm selling these.

The bigger ones on the left side are $5 each.

While the smaller ones to the right are $3 each. Don't be fooled by size of the plants that are sprouting because their rhizomes underneath are pretty big -> 5-6"+

None of these Cannas carry the Canna Virus. I guarantee it! I've stopped buying rhizomes from nurseries because you can't tell whether they have the virus or not until they've sprouted. More than 50% of the rhizomes I've gotten in the past from local nurseries have the virus, that's why I only purchase Cannas that have sprouted already.

The place that I got these from originally is from Brian's botanicals. He sells them for $8 each and come in 4" pots.

Here's his description of the Canna Bengal Tiger -

"Canna Pretoria (Bengal Tiger) is considered by many to be the most beautiful Canna to date. The outstanding foliage is bright yellow with dark green stripes and a delicate red rim around the edge. The flowers are large and bright orange. This Canna grow to 6 feet tall and is a heavy flowerer. It never fails to put on a show every year here in our garden."

You won't find this type of Canna in local nurseries here in Az, or at least I haven't, and I frequently visit quite a few of the nurseries in town all year :)

So if anybody's interested, let me know!


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Can you describe their ideal growing conditions? I might be interested if I have a suitable space.

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Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZ

Mine are planted in well draining soil. I wouldn't recommend planting these in heavy clay soil without amending the clay with a good draining soil/compost.

They LOVE water and lots of sun. A minimum of 6hrs of direct sunlight to make them bloom like crazy. They'll do well in shade as well but they won't bloom that much.

Mine are planted on the north side of my house but they get quite a lot of sun. Possibly 8hrs+ of direct sun light. Just keep the soil moist throughout the growing season. Mulch will help a lot to keep the soil nice and moist. They might tolerate a bit of dry period, but I don't recommend it because it'll toast their big leaves.

The coldest it got this winter so far in my area was 31-32f and it didn't hurt them at all. I had some other type of canna last year that lost all of its leaves when it dipped to 28f in late febuary, but it just grew back again in spring. If they do die back from freezing temps though don't keep the rhizome in wet soil, or you'll risk rotting them. You can dig them out easily and store them in a cool dry place and replant them again when any danger of frost is gone.

They'll do well in containers as well, but you'll need to water them more if you're going to give them lots of sun exposure.

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i'm interestd where are you located? i'm in good year i have a perfect spot right by my pool equipment on the north east corner of my house

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Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZ

I live in Glendale. around 48th ave and Peoria

send me an email here so I can send you my address.


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Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZ

Oh and I almost forgot. I also have a 6x6 ft raised bed that I don't need anymore. If anyone wants it, I'm selling it for $25

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crista(Sunset 13)

and pretty plumies in front of your cannas!!

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CAST1(9b Arizona)

I wish I would live closer to you ! I'm all the way in Chandler and can't drive all the way to Glendale .

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Do you still have any of these Cannas. We would be willing to buy what ever you have left.



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Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZ

Yes, I still got plenty. I haven't even divided up the other clumps since I ran out of plastic pots.

How many do you want?

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

This is the first I'd heard of the Canna viruses...ouch...they're my fav flower. I just started growing them again after not growing any for the past 8 years. Pretty sad. Thanks for the info.

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Just thought you might like this photo (sorry for the damage on the right hand leaf, we've recently had devastating hail/storms here) .. a canna I bought .. the seller listed it as 'Bengal Tiger' or 'Pretoria' .. it is 'Bethany' & is in fact a naturally occurring mutation of the above (as they are the same & the name 'Tropicanna Gold' has become the Registered name). 'BETHANY' is acknowleged as being a separate variety.
The main variation characteristic is that 'Bethany' has this particular bi-toned flower, rather than orange. They grow the same height & have no visible differences with the colour of foliage .. although mine sometimes does have some wider white strips in leaf patterns.

The inaccuracy of retailers with names of cannas is frustrating .. I think they should all bear the name they were first given, rather than what the 'new' hybridizers/retailers select to call them or register them as .. so many of them 'laying claim' to so many cannas being 'theirs'. eg. 'Frau Gartenberg' being sold in Aust. as 'Garton Baudie'
Research into correct names is now so easily available, but so few here in Australia (& elsewhere?) ever try .. I hope more canna enthusiasts give their cannas their first names.
Below is a link that may be of interest.

Dianne@Fleu De Lis Cannas.
ps. I know that cannas are not true lilies .. 'Fleu De Lis Canna' (I do not have a 'business') is my own 'in joke', as the 'fleu de lis' insignia represents a canna 'lily' supposedly :)

Here is a link that might be useful: canna-news.org.uk

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