Green Ball Summer Squash pics

beebonnet(8)August 23, 2007

Green Ball is an enormous plant with long tentrils going everywhere. Not really good for small raised beds as the runners fill the paths and go into the neighboring beds everywhere. But, the blossom is gorgeous, the fruit is very different (not a ball shape) and it is also delicious. It is crunchier than any zucchini and has more flavor, too. With all that vine you would think it to be prolific, but it isn't as the fruit doesn't grow as fast as regular zucchini so from that standpoint it is managable. Has anyone out there ever grown this squash? I bought the seed from an Asian seed company. That's why I posted it here.

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Well, failed again. I am trying to get the pictures from my space at wildblue to GW. What do I put in the Optional Link and the Name of the Link?? Those were not there for my first attempt.

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Okay---Think I can do it now.

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