Satsuma plum

Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)January 1, 2006

Someone was looking for Satsuma plum tree's. I found them today at Lowes on Warner and Gilbert rd. I suspect all Lowe's are carrying them. They were bareroot, $14.95, much cheaper than I've seen them anywhere on line. I bout one of those and one of the Santa Rosa Plum's and planted them today. As I recall from previous researching, Santa Rosa is an excellent cross polinator for the Satsuma.


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gumnebula(z9 Gilbert AZ)

I was at the same location yesterday as well! These trees are much nicer in caliper compared to the HD I visited on Saturday. I bought a 4in1 pear combo, red baron peach, ultra-dwarf weeping santa rosa plum and snow queen nectarine. They are all 5-6 ft tall. Very nice quality with plump branches/buds - great price too. There was an employee watering plants who told me they are expecting more shipments as well.

Easygoing, I'm sorry I missed you there. I would have liked to introduce myself and let you know I've admired your gardens for quite a while. I have taken the plunge for roses this fall and hope they perform half as well as yours. Regards, June

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

Awww...thanks June that was very nice. I actually ended up making two trips there yesterday. had to go back and get to more bags of potting soil. =) One can never have to many bags of potting soil...hehehe.


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gumnebula(z9 Gilbert AZ)

I agree. I picked up a huge bag of potting soil, 3 big bags of Amend mulch and 5 bags of composted manure as well. I know I'll have to go back for more through our planting season. Not only that, but I saw their $20 jaw-dropping Yuletide Camellia which I'm eyeballing - though I know it'll probably not make it through our summer.... must resist.... :^/
Side note, I'm envious of your Spectra rose. I've searched for an online mailorder source with no success. Pickering's has it but can't send to the US because of patent restrictions. I'm sure it'll show up again someday. In the meantime, I've planted Joseph's Coat elsewhere and am leaving a spot open for Spectra. Regards, June

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

I have good news for you June, You can order Spectra at the website listed below. A bit pricer, but the advantage is, it will come on fortuniana root stock. A superior root stock for roses in our AZ climate :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Nelson's Roses

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gumnebula(z9 Gilbert AZ)

This is fantastic! I am ordering today. Thank you very, very much. June

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

Hehehe...well, if you can get over the sticker shock on shipping you might order today ;) Fortunian cannot be shipped bareroot. Therefore it will be shipped in a 5 gallon bucket as I recall. A couple of folks ordered last year, and I think they ended up paying around $60 for this rose. IMHO, it is worth even that price. Wonderful rose here in AZ.


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gumnebula(z9 Gilbert AZ)

Easygoing, I was busy planting today and didn't order the Spectra rose... You are right about sticker shock. I may have to wait until more online (or local) sources become available. After purchasing fruit trees and other roses, I have used up my allowance this month! I'm still keeping a spot open though because it's a beauty. Thanks for that piece of info. (Sorry about hijacking the thread to talk about a rose...)
So has anyone else purchased fruit trees? Do tell! June

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kathleen10(z9b AZ)

We did! Satsuma and Santa Rosa Plum going in the ground this week. After talking about it and reading at the link below, DH and I agreed we should get a peach, nectarine or an apple or cherry to total 4 trees and make a short hedgerow. Yeah! Fruitful future :)

Here is a link that might be useful: high density planting

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Good luck with all your fruit trees. I planted a Florida Prince Peach(150 chill hours) in the coldest part of the backyard last January. Still, by mid-summer the tips burned really badly and it lost most of the leaves. I covered it with shade cloth and by Fall it had a lot of new leaves. I just pruned it today and noticed it had about 5 flower buds that are already swollen on it. I doubt I will get any fruit this year,it is so small and pathetic looking. I am kicking myself for buying the runt of a tree when I saw much better and bigger ones after I got it.

Gumnebula what 4 in one pear tree did you find that only require 300 chill hours or less? Are FloridaHome, Hood, and Pineapple 3 of the varieties?

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gumnebula(z9 Gilbert AZ)

The 4in1 pear tree that I bought from Lowe's contains mostly Asian pears. The varieties are 20th century, chojuro, shinseiki and european bartlett. I know we don't get enough chill hours for the bartlett, and over time this branch may die out, but I'm hoping for the best. I planted the 4in1 tree in the coldest section of yard. Two years ago I planted a single shinseiki pear and it has grown considerably. It's had flowers but I did not allow it to set fruit - I will let it produce this year (here's hoping for some more cold weather). I know asians need 350-400 chill hours, so I'm pushing it and will have some unfruitful years.

I am also looking for the low-chill european/hybrid pear varieties you mentioned. I wish more local nurseries would carry the floridahome/hood combo. Bakers has received comice pear (I've read various information with chill hours around 300). They have jiro-fuyu and hachiya persimmon if anyone is interested. These should be available for sale in a week. Baker's received their shipment a week ago and are potting them up for sale right now. I suspect other nurseries are gearing up with fruit trees too - so if anyone sees any european pears out there, please let us know! Thanks, June.

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

That's odd DH, maybe the peach tree you got wasn't meant for this climate? My neighbor has a peach tree, and it produces so many peaches last year they were putting supports under the branches so they wouldn't break off. Mmmmm, love fresh, sweet peaches. Wish it was ripe right now .


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Easy, I was looking for an Earligrande like they grow out at that farm in Queen Creek because those are really good. They also grow Florida Prince but I don't think any of those orchards were open for picking when I went. The Florida Prince is supposedly more heat tolerant than Desert Gold from one thing I read. On the label it also said it is an excellent desert performer. Perhaps I didn't water it enough or it just wasn't established yet. It is just such a tiny tree it needs some time to grow. I noticed today a few more buds are starting to swell. I realy hope I get a few peaches this year. Last season was a great year for fruit with that cool winter and rain. Your neighbor sure was lucky!

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birdlady_in_mesa(z9 AZ)

You may want to go to
The Urban Farm - 6750 N 13th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Directions: One half block south of Glendale Avenue


He is having a 2nd Saturday Fruit tree sale and lists different varieties of stone fruit. The following Saturday, 1/21, is a fruit tree pruning day. Hands on experience in trimming the fruit trees!


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Hi all,

I just bought a 4-in-1 plum tree (bare root) of Satsuma, Santa Rosa, Stanley, and Shiro. Do you guys think it's a good combo ?
I'm pretty new to plum trees and could use some advise on how to make it a good healthy & productive tree. The tree has been planted. Is there anything I could do now to make it easier for the tree to transition ?

Area is in Long Beach, CA if that helps.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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