Is mitsuba invasive? Can I transplant it?

victw(10 So CA)August 20, 2006

Picked up some seeds from the local nursery yesterday. But the back of the package says "it reseeds itself to spread."

I garden in a community garden and we do not plant invasive plants - I don't mind this spreading in my plot - but if it's invasive and will spread to the neighbor plots it would probably be better for me to grow it in a container at home.

Also I have better luck starting plants at home and transplanting to the garden - as I am not there everyday to water seeds - can I transplant this?



P.S. I tried this yesterday and it did not appear - hope it does not appear twice.

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All you have to do is be aware and watch when it starts to form seed heads. Keep them cut back and there won't be any problem.

They should transplant fine.

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