Eat Pumpkin on a stick?

nancylpAugust 21, 2010

I am growing Solanum integrifolium; Pumpkin on a stick; this year for the first time. currently many are ripening. I grew them mainly for decoration but since I have so many I was wondering if you can eat them. Have you eaten them?

thanks, Nancy

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Have you tried to google the answer. It comes right up.

Here is a link that might be useful: article & Great Picture.

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Thanks and I have done a lot of searching and have actually read that page.
I guess I was just hoping to find someone who has actually eaten them.

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I have, I have. They're not bad. Some kinds are more bitter than others as they age. Basically, just an eggplant. Younger is better, as with any eggplant.

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Thanks letting me know that someone has eaten them. I had read that I should let them ripen before eating and you're saying, denninmi, that maybe younger is better? Or let them turn red-orange but not harden? how did you fix them?

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Hi we eat the fruit... I have attached the picture of the fruit. It has a bitter taste.

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