When to transplant Chinese Broccoli/Kale Gailaan

AgtJenny24(7 NYC)August 2, 2012

Sorry for the repost since I accidentally posted this in the Asian Gardening section somehow thinking it was the same section as this... but it turns out that forum is kinda slow/dead.

I started some Chinese Broccoli 2 weeks ago indoors in preparation for fall, I was wondering when I should transplant them outdoors. I'm worried that we may suddenly get another spout of heat waves around here in NYC again like in mid July and have my broccoli bolt too young/early. Anybody grow these so I have some clue on whether they can survive the heat or just wait till things cool down a bit more... thanks!

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john_p_wi(4 / 5 SE WI)

Jenny, as long as they are hardened off you can plant them out now. I live in SE WI and grow gailaan from early spring until it freezes with multiple plantings. Gailaan is a a cut and grow again crop (leave a few leaves on the bottom of the stem) as long as you keep it well watered and fertilized. You should be able to have sizeable stems with flower buds unlike choy sum or bok choy that tends to bolt early in the heat of summer.


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