Bergamont or Bee Balm

maranagrlsJanuary 22, 2011


I am wondering if anybody in the Tucon area has had any luck growing bergamont or bee balm? I would love to have some in my garden but cant seem to find it anywhere.

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pgde(Tucson Zone 9)


I grew three varieties of bee balm/bergamont when I lived back in Virginia. You need to understand their native habitat, which is in a shady area next to a stream. They really do not like direct sun and dry soil. Even in Virginia, I needed to water them in the summer several times a week (unless it rained) and that was in a relatively wet area of the yard in the shade. It would seem to me they would do fine in one of our cooler climates (like above 5,000 feet or so) next to a wash or other riparian area under other riparian vegetation. Perhaps you might be able to grow some in containers with drip in the shade, but they would take a lot of water. Too bad, because they smell great, taste great and are related to mint so they are a good invasive cover if one needs that.


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that might explain why i dont see it around here, thanks

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