Global warming....

sonotaps(Sunset Z13, Phx)January 31, 2008

My butt!

Frost damage in Phoenix this year (fairly mild/normal) and last season...last season was a 20 + year event in Phoenix.

A bunch of crap....look in your garden and prove me wrong... I dare you!

Man's influence on global warming as opposed to natural cyclical events? I WISH!

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Summer is not far away. Not global warming but it will be hotter than blazes here before you know it.

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Global warming is happening! I dont think you can honestly believe its not. Is it caused by man? You can probably argue that one, but youd still be wrong in my book. Good job on a pointless thread though.

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sonotaps(Sunset Z13, Phx)

Hey thanks, I thought so...

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if global warming IS happening, then how come the headlines yesterday were "china battles coldest winter in 100 years"?

not that id so much mind it, you can grow so much more in zone 8 or 9 than you can here in zone 7. Unfortunetly tho its all just a scare tactic.

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

umm, your language is not needed but I understand your frustrations.
Global warming is happening but not due to man. Mars is warming, as are all the other planets in our solar system. and humans didn't cause that. The sun did. The sun is in a hot cycle and will be even hotter for the next 4 years.
ALL the emissions of ALL the cars and factories in ALL of the industrial era have not been as much as one volcano the size of Mt Saint Helens.
That said, it would be nice to cut fossil full emissions for other reasons, like pollution and not giving the Middle East any more of our money, but it's not causing global warming, the sun is.
for frost protection, see my other post about candle heaters.

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I also saw an airplane in the sky. Therefore gravity does not exist.

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